I’m a Massachusetts-based writer/editor with 20 years of professional experience, starting out as a reporter, eventually becoming an editor of everything from technology manuals to steampunk novels. I was a technical and marketing editor for one of the largest consumer electronics companies in the United States and served on the copy desks of award-winning magazines. Since then I’ve conducted editing and proofreading workshops and seminars, edited dozens of sci-fi, historical fiction, memoirs, and semi-autobiographical novels, as well as poetry collections and how-to educational guides, and was a judge for the Independent Book Publishers Association 2016 & 2017 Benjamin Franklin Awards. Words are my thing, and if they’re yours too, I can make them better. Whether AP, Chicago Manual, or your own corporate style, just give me some guidelines, and I’ll help you make your projects the best that they can be. Need help writing your corporate style guide? I can help prepare one for your business, and get your writers and editors on the same page. Do you need press releases or marketing promos written? I’ll help you out there too!

Want more info? Check out some of these books I’ve edited, available on Amazon.com. 

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